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Frequently Asked Questions

We have years of experience and excellent relationships with our sources. We use our own researchers and gather information through a variety of different methods including telephone interviews, directories and our in-depth knowledge of business personnel.

We guarantee your list will always be up to date. If more than 5% of what we provide you bounces back, we will give you credits for more genuine contacts – that’s what we call a cast-iron guarantee! All our email addresses are verified and we always check IP addresses giving you complete peace of mind.

It’s so easy – all you do is give us some information on what you need, we do the rest using our high-tech system and send you a downloadable link in moments. That link will work with any CRM system so you can instantly view and connect with your brand new, accurate and exclusive database.
We can tailor your database to anywhere you want, even down to a zipcode! We can go state-wide, cross states, countrywide or even international! We are that adept at what we do, there are almost no boundaries.
No! We believe in keeping our technology very affordable, and the time you’ll save trying to find the right contacts and sales prospects, this will stack up against our easy pricing system. You can generate your own quality database from just $30+.

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    There’s one method that really works and that’s by getting in-front of the right people, people at the heart of your target industry, the decision makers. We help you do just that. 

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