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Access your ready-made, reliable and 100% accurate Attorney Email List

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Targeted Attorney Email List for Your Market

There’s no doubt about it, to make your business stand out in a crowded market, you need quality and reliable data. Our pre-made attorney email database gives you everything you could possible want in one, easy place, enabling you to market directly to the right attorney firms across the USA or lawyers specific to your target area.

Your Fully Customizable Lawyer Mailing List

Purchase a ready-made lawyer email address list, customize it to perfectly fit within your requirements or drill down to intricate detail to reach a very specific audience.  Our attorney email addresses list can be as versatile as you want it to be and we know it’s the right product for you.  Why?  Well, our customers keep on coming back to us because they’re so thrilled with the results!  We guarantee at least 95% accuracy – there’s no-one else that can do that for you and at such an affordable price, you know it makes sense!

  • 95% accuracy, verified attorney email addresses that are thoroughly checked by humans. That means you will never receive any more than 5% email bounce back at the most.
  • Our accurate attorney email list is easily accessible as a .csv file and almost instantly downloadable. The files can be used on absolutely any CRM system – what could be more convenient?  You get on with what’s important to you – using our leads to sell your products, services or business.
  • A full quota of extremely valuable information including names, email addresses, phone numbers, company information, business titles, bar admission years and more. You can’t get more specific than that!

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What we promise:

  • 3-way verified attorneys email addresses
  • A huge amount of data, lawyer name, company name, email address, practice areas
  • 95% accurate – guaranteed
  • Always up-to-date with the latest information
  • Verified by humans
  • Instant download (Excel or .csv)
  • Checked weekly, for any changes whatsoever
  • Easy to use

When you want to target the right attorneys you need absolute accuracy and very high quality.  Our email list enables you to network with the crème de la crème of attorneys, no matter where you’re based in the USA.  From small attorney firms to large corporates – we give you access to every single attorney in your area or across the country.

No More Manual Information Retrieval

There’s no need to go through reams of useless data or flick through hundreds of business cards day after day. There’s no cold-calling, wondering if you’ll get through to the right person. There’s also no need to give your administrative team extra work when they could be getting on with other more important business. With our meticulous information we do the hard work for you! Our comprehensive data gives you incredible access to hundreds of thousands of attorneys across the USA.

attorney email database

Straight through to the Right Attorney!

How many times have you thought you had the right information only to find the data you hold is of less qualified paralegals, office assistants and legal aides?  Not any more – with our credible email attorney list you’ll get straight through to the right person, at the right level and in the right company. You can easily enhance your marketing campaign with the knowledge that you have the right leads to approach.

Every Type of Lawyer Covered

You may need an email list to cover all types of lawyers or you might need it to be more specific.  Lawyers are an excellent target for offering your product, service or business but remember that lawyers are usually divided up into sole practitioners. Or, they are affiliated with law firms that deal with all different elements of law. Lawyers deal with legal proceedings, criminal and civil litigation and more, they also are responsible for creating legal documents as well as offering advice to their clients.  You need the right list to reach the right people.

Our attorney database email list covers all types of attorney such as:

  • Divorce lawyers
  • Criminal lawyers
  • Appellate Attorneys
  • Property Attorneys
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Copyright Lawyers
  • Corporate Law Attorneys
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers
  • Immigration Lawyers
  • Construction Law Attorneys
  • …..and more;

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Easy to Use Data File

And affordable too.  We don’t believe in charging ridiculous amounts for a high quality attorney email list. Our list is the very best possible available and is easily integrated with your CRM, in fact, it works in seconds. When you need to sell to attorneys – you need the right people.  There’s just no time to waste going through layers of management or hearing empty promises to pass over your details with them ending up just sitting on piles of unread paper for months on end. 

Our list gets you straight through to the right person.  This gives you plenty of leverage because once you reach the right person; you can use your own talents to sell in your product, service or business.  There’s no middle man!

Affordable – Don’t Break the Bank!

This is without doubt, the very best attorney email list deal you’ll find and we give you instant access to thousands of leads!  No more trawling through useless, out-of-date information and wasting your precious time.

lawyer email list

Why You Need Our Attorney Email Address List

  • Do you want to get an invitation to the right attorneys for a networking event?  Our list helps you do just that!
  • Do you need to co-ordinate a group of lawyers?  The right attorney email list will be at your fingertips!  Ours is that list.
  • Do you need to close that deal?  Our list gets you through to the right people at the right time and helps you to reach your targets.
  • Do you need new prospects?  With a guaranteed accurate lawyer email address list you reach new leads in record time and those leads are CREDIBLE so you won’t waste your time either.
  • Do you want to forge more business relationships?  No listening to recorded messages, no impossible secretaries to get past – just the right people and the right information.  That’s priceless and yet our data is extremely affordable.
  • Does your current email database not work well enough for you?  It’s time for an update and a change!  You’ll soon get your hands on new data that is guaranteed to be meticulously checked and accurate.
  • Our lawyers email address list makes it easy to find the very best email leads for your business, product or service so you sell to the right person at the right time
  • Use our up-to-date detailed attorney email list to send important information and communication to select attorneys – especially when you need to get something out immediately
  • Get access to premium lawyers country-wide or drill down and make it area specific with our accurate attorney email list

You Always Own Your Data

State bar attorney list

Once you purchase the email list, it belongs to you and only you. You may use it as many times as you want. There are no hidden fees so that means that we never charge extra when you use the contacts we supply. It’s just one, affordable price for all of the above and that price is guaranteed to be the very best available. If you find anything better, we’ll refund the difference.

Let’s Get You Started!

Are you ready to get your hands on the very best possible attorney email information?  Don’t waste any more time now, contact us now and get access to every active attorney in the USA!

personal injury lawyer email list



Do you have any questions?  Why not read our FAQ’s below and see if we supply the answer:

  • Q. How often do you update your lawyer email addresses?
  • A. We update our data every week using a specially designed algorithm that also checks and ensures our accuracy levels.  The checks are performed against millions of attorney details and sources and any updates required are immediately applied giving you at least 95% accuracy every time.
  • Q. How quickly will I receive my list of attorneys?
  • A. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a downloadable link that you can use immediately and it’s really easy to use, just click on the button for all the data you need.
  • Q. Are you sure the data you provide is genuinely accurate?
  • A. We GUARANTEE at least 95% accuracy.  If you receive anything less than 95% accuracy we will provide you with new data for free or credits.  This is an incredible promise and our customer services team only wants to provide you with the highest quality service so they’re always there to answer any queries in a friendly, efficient manner.

How many attorneys are there in the USA?

– according to the American Bar Association there are nearly 1.35 million lawyers in the USA.

New York          184,662
California          168,569
Texas            92,833
Florida            79,328
Illinois            62,720
Pennsylvania            49,249
Massachussets            42,908
New Jersey            41,152
Maryland            40,800
Ohio            38,189
Michigan            35,453
Georgia            32,584
District of Columbia            27,743
Washington            26,316
Minnesota            25,823
Missouri            24,369
North Carolina            24,253
Virginia            24,230
Colorado            22,802
Connecticut            21,036
Louisiana            20,568
Tennessee            18,818
Indiana            15,761
Wisconsin            15,482
Arizona            15,081
Alabama            14,897
Puerto Rico            13,944
Kentucky            13,570
Oklahoma            13,549
Oregon            12,196
South Carolina            10,798
Utah              8,473
Kansas              8,045
Nevada              7,509
Iowa              7,306
Mississippi              6,886
Arkansas              6,299
New Mexico              5,612
Nebraska              5,546
West Virginia              4,770
Hawaii              4,270
Rhode Island              4,071
Maine              3,995
Idaho              3,967
Vermont              3,612
New Hampshire              3,495
Montana              3,167
Delaware              3,058
Alaska              2,342
South Dakota              1,907
Wyoming              1,773
North Dakota              1,697
Virgin Islands                  776
Guam                  262
North Mariana Islands                  134
American Samoa                    55

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