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Receive your Exclusive Tailor-made Hotel Email List and Watch Your Sales Zoom!

If you’re a supplier to the hospitality industry, especially hotels, motels and similar then you need to beat off strong competition!  The best way to get your products in front of the right hospitality professionals is with genuine, accurate contact information but it takes time to curate your own lists.  When you’re busy, you don’t have that time, trawling through web pages, looking through the telephone directories and checking up on old correspondence – it’s days of work.  Most of the time, information isn’t correct and you’re back to the drawing board.  Now’s your chance to own your very own up-to-date email marketing list that specifically targets hotels and motels in your area, your state and across the whole of the USA.  Perhaps you look after reservation booking systems?  Or you supply events products for hotels?  Maybe you help maintain facilities, for example, your business is cleaning swimming pools?  Or you operate a concierge service?  Whatever you do or supply, from bed linen to crockery, cutlery to cleaning equipment, food and beverages and everything else, our lists get you noticed by the people in charge!

A Hotel Email List Designed Especially for the Hotel, Motel and Hospitality Industry

Partnering with Leads Deposit gives you a real advantage over your competitors.  That’s because we have years of email marketing experience and we’re specialists in your sector.  Our email marketing lists for hotels and motels deliver real-time information, we guarantee at least 95% accurate information.  If more than 5% of your emails bounce back, we’ll make up the difference with credits.  Our customers already rely on us to boost their businesses, will you be our next success story?  Click here to download your instant email marketing list.

Our Market Research Team Work Tirelessly

Using the hotel and motel marketing service means you free yourself up to do far bigger tasks.  We know how difficult it is to build a hotel database marketing list from scratch.  It’s a fast-paced industry and people move on all the time.  Our team spend their time researching the right names, in the right managerial position at hotels and motels in your area and beyond.   They use business journals, public listings, conferences and exhibitions to gain credible information. Once we have that information, we analyze it and authenticate it. All contact information is triple checked for your peace of mind!

Easy to download too, your new, GDPR compliant email marketing list for hotels is right at your fingertips and because it’s an excel file (or CVS or .txt) it’s usable on any device.  It couldn’t be more convenient.

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You can even drill down your email marketing list, to cover off name, position, email address, contact address and more – so you have direct access to the decision makers.  No more waiting on the end of a telephone to speak to someone in a department, no more emails bouncing back because people have moved on and no more unanswered letters.  We’ll get you the contact information you need so you get right to the person that matters.

Fast to Download and Super Easy to Use!

Ever wondered how your competitors seem to get straight to the decision maker?  It’s with an accurate email marketing list!  Isn’t it time you tried one for yourself so you don’t miss out on valuable hotel leads?  The hotel and motel email database is easy to download, compatible with all computer systems and guaranteed up to the minute because we use real-time data.   Without doubt, our database is the most credible you’ll find, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy and that’s the our guarantee.  Check out our exclusive hotel and motel mailing lists here and see just how great they are!

Get Through to the Right Hotel and Motel Businesses in Your Area, the Surrounds and Nationally

Whether you’re a small hotel and motel supplier preferring to work locally or you’re a large corporate, servicing the hospitality industry across the USA, finding new business isn’t easy, unless you know who to speak to.  Our hotel lead email marketing list gets you access to hotel business owners and motel owners who want your business.  Need to get your name in front of the biggest hotel chains in the country?  That’s easy with Leads Deposit.  We know who you need to contact and we’ll give you that information at a very affordable price too.  If there’s another email marketing business that’s cheaper, let us take a look and if they’re as good as ours, we’ll match their price!

We even deal with niche areas, you might not supply everything a hotel needs but you may just specialize in one area, such as bar equipment or coffee machinery.  It doesn’t matter what the nature of your hotel supply business is – you need leads in the hotel industry and we provide them.  So, whether you supply glassware, tableware, carpet cleaning, hotel bedroom accessories, toiletries, sun-loungers, swimming pool equipment or anything else at all, let us get your brand direct to the decision maker. 

Don’t forget, your email marketing campaign for hotels and motels will only work if you have quality contact information. Don’t waste your money on anyone other email marketing firm, Leads Deposit is the number one lead generating email marketing list for hotels in the USA.

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Choose Your Filters, Change Your Filters, Add in Filters When You Want To!

Our hotel and motel email marketing database lists are so intelligent that you can select your own filters so it’s perfectly customizable to your business.  When you’re ready to start, simply choose the filters you want (name, email address, telephone number, office address, company position and more) and click on the instant download button.  You’ll have your very own email marketing list appear on your computer, laptop, iPad or similar in just a few moments. You’re ready to launch your marketing campaign, safe in the knowledge that it’s going to the right place.

Why Leads Deposit is the Right Partner for your Hotel and Motel Supply or Service Business

  • We constantly check and re-check our information, updating it in real-time for guaranteed accuracy
  • We promise to give you credits if more than 5% of your emails bounce back
  • We’re reliable and genuine, trusted by thousands
  • We’re affordable and we price match if you find anyone at a lower price
  • We are the most reputable hotel database company across the USA
  • We help you to build new business relationships and grow your customer base
  • For just one one-off fee, you get your list, we don’t tie you into a contract and there’s no obligation
  • Your list belongs to you and only you, no one can view it unless you grant them permission
  • Your list is fully customizable to your requirements

Why not see what our email database lists looks like?  Click here to request a sample of our hotel and motel email database; it’s so easy to operate and simple to read (available as an Excel file or CVS or .txt). The sooner you have it, the quicker you can get your marketing campaign out. Customize your hotel and motel email database list and get started right away.

What Your Hotel Email List Displays

Here’s what your up-to-date mailing list for the hotel industry contains, customize it to your needs:

  • Hotel Names
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
hospitality industry email list

Hotel and Motel Email Database FAQ’s

Got a question?  If it’s not answered below – get in touch with one of our team here.

  • How often do you update your hotel email and contact list?

– We check, double check and triple check our information very regularly which means that your data is always in real-time.  All of our email database lists are guaranteed for accuracy.  We have an exclusive algorithm which goes through millions of listings so much so that we promise if more than 5% of your emails bounce back – we’ll credit you to that amount.  We also source information from exhibitions, conferences, business journals, interviews public filings and more. That means that ultimately, you’ll always get 100% correct information!

  • How long do I have to wait for my exclusive hotel and motel emailing list?

– As soon as you submit your order, you’ll receive a downloadable link, simply click it and your list will open in a matter of seconds – it’s instant!

  • What format does the list arrive in?

– We send our email database list for hotels and motels in excel files but we can provide CVS or .txt.  All are convenient, easy to read and suitable for use on computers, desktops, laptops, iPads and other devices.

Let us help you boost your hospitality, hotel and motel supply business revenue! Ready to own your very own up-to-the minute hotel database email list? Get started now.

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