How Many REMAX Agents in the US

How many REMAX agents in the US



The story of REMAX began in 1973, when two real estate agents, Gail and Dave Liniger, in their twenties from Denver, Colorado, decided to establish a new real estate concept. They coined the term REMAX, which stands for “Real Estate Maximums”. They planned to create a system that promotes top-tier real estate agents to recognize and develop their exceptional business potential.
Today, the famous red, white, and blue REMAX Hot Air Balloon can be spotted in more than 100 countries worldwide, representing a global presence bigger than any real estate organization.

How many REMAX agents are there in the US?

REMAX, LLC is a part of REMAX Holdings (NYSE: RMAX) and one of the largest worldwide real estate franchise owners, with over 140,000 agents in almost 9,000 locations and a presence in over 110 countries around the world. In fact, according to residential transaction numbers, no one in the globe sells more real estate than REMAX.
REMAX has grown to become a network of over 8,600 individually owned franchises and an immensely diversified community of around 142,000 agents in over 110 countries and territories. Its steady expansion is laying the groundwork for bright years ahead.

Where are REMAX agents located?

REMAX offices entice successful, dedicated agents as well as those who want to be. Many independent offices are interested in joining a global leader and having the backing of a brand that is particularly sensitive to the demands of today’s agents. According to the REMAX Holdings, Inc. First Quarter earnings announcement for 2022, overall agent count increased by 2,191 agents year on year to a record high of 142,405 agents.

Where can I get a list of all REMAX agents?

If you’re looking for the latest information on how and where to find a reputable REMAX realtor mailing list, you won’t be finding it on the company’s website. You’re probably looking for the information for research purposes or to find out how you can get in touch with a client in your region. You have the option of taking the easy or harder route. Additionally, putting the information you get into a suitable format would almost probably be a major undertaking.
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Want to know more?

REMAX locations and agents are far from the only data points we gather and organize for academics and other interested parties. We have the information you’re searching for if it’s large, significant, and can be located in areas around the United States. If you don’t find what you’re searching for or have any questions regarding our product line, please get in touch.