The complete list of KFC locations in the USA (updated October 2021)


KFCKFC – initials that do not require any introduction.


Their epic saga started about 70 years back in Kentucky, when a young entrepreneur, Colonel Harland Sanders, began selling his fried chicken by the name of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” from his roadside restaurant during the Great Depression.

His unique secret recipe of 11 spices and herbs, became so famous that his Kentucky Fried Chicken opened its first franchise in Utah in 1952.

Ever since then there has been no looking back. KFC has grown and spread in the USA and around the world.

KFC has become one of the largest growing fast-food franchises in the world. KFC is recognized worldwide by the face of Colonel Sanders and his famous slogan for KFC, “Finger Lickin’ Good”.

KFC specializes in fried chicken and offers wraps, wings, burgers, etc. on their menu.


How Many KFC Restaurants are there in the United States?

According to the official KFC website (October 2021), there are 3,978 KFC restaurants in the USA distributed across all 50 States.

So, whether you’re in California, Florida, Michigan, or any other State in America, you’re bound to find a KFC Restaurant in the area.


Which state has the most KFC restaurants?

According to the KFC store locator, the state that has the most KFC restaurants is California, with 440 locations.


KFC locations by state



Is there a KFC near me?

Considering you are in the US, there is a 100% guarantee of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant present in the area you’re in. Feel free to browse the list below in order to find your nearest location.



Where are KFC Restaurants Located?

KFC Restaurants are commonly located in big and small cities. Depending on the population, a single city can end up having numerous KFC restaurants for you to experience what this franchise has to offer.

This is how they look on a map:


Where Can I Get a List of KFC Locations?

list of KFC locations USAOne of the easiest ways for you to know about KFC locations is by having an entire list of areas where KFC Outlets are present.

Let us make things easier for you. We have an entire list of KFC Locations which you can read to know where an outlet is present along with accurate information about its opening and closing times and contact information as well.

There won’t be any need for you to visit the official KFC website and try to find an outlet nearby. Our KFC restaurant database list has all of the information you require to either go to the outlet in person or just order some food to be delivered right to your doorstep.


The List – October 2021 updated

You can find all the KFC locations by searching the list below.

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