List of all McDonald’s locations in the US

mcdonaldsMcDonald’s is one of those fast food chains that everyone is familiar with. Founded way back in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, it soon ended up becoming the largest restaurant chain in the world in terms of revenue. Operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, you might be surprised to know that the iconic Golden Arches logo wasn’t used by the chain until 1953. McDonald’s has grown to serve millions of customers in more than a 100 countries around the globe.

The restaurant chain offers burgers, shakes, fresh fries, chicken products, breakfast, salads, and more. There’s always, on certain occasions, a new food item for customers to try.

How Many McDonald’s Restaurants are there in the United States?

If you are wondering how many McDonald’s restaurants are present in the U.S, the answer (according to recent statistics) is 14,027 restaurants spread across the country.

You can easily find a number of McDonald’s restaurants in a single American Sate to order food from. 

Where are McDonald’s Restaurants Located?

In their mission to serve affordable meals, McDonald’s restaurants are located in both big and small cities, with bigger cities such as New York, having numerous McDonald’s restaurants.

Is there a McDonald’s near me?

If you are present in any of the American States, then yes, there is bound to be a McDonald’s restaurant near you. Having a list with all McDonald’s restaurants will make your search easier.

Do McDonald’s Restaurants serve 24/7?

List of McDonalds locationsWhile McDonald’s restaurants do serve 24/7, you should take note that not every outlet will be operational throughout the day. Having a list of all McDonald’s restaurants which also have details about their opening and closing times will make things convenient if you wish to order food from this particular franchise.

Where Can I Get a List of McDonald’s Locations?

Owning a list of all McDonald’s restaurant locations in the U.S can make things easier for you, enabling you to quickly find out nearby outlets depending on the area you’re in or you might be traveling to.

We have created a list of all McDonald’s locations which you can read to gain information such as the location of a specific outlet, how to contact the said outlet, along with the time it opens and closes, and more.

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