List of restaurants in Johnson City TN

List of restaurants in Johnson City TNSurrounded by rolling hills and mountain slopes, Johnson City, TN retains a small-town feel despite being nominated as one of the best cities to do business. Outdoor and cultural activities are only a hop and a skip away for residents, and the East Tennessee State University keeps the vibe young and full of fun. As you’d expect in such a lively location, restaurants in Johnson City are thriving!

How Many Restaurants are there in Johnson City?

The number may vary over time, but there are about 238 restaurants in Johnson City and they serve every type of cuisine imaginable. From popular pizzerias to exotic Vietnamese cuisine, there’s something for everybody in Johnson City. Students jostle for take-outs, families treat themselves to steak dinners, and business leaders impress their clients with gourmet dinners. No matter what the niche, there’ll be several restaurants that serve it.

Where are Johnson City Restaurants Located?

As you’d expect, there are quite a few restaurants located in the neighborhood of the university, and downtown has its share of bustling eateries. Meanwhile, suburban families have their own selection of nearby restaurants, while a short drive takes diners to venues with countryside appeal. However, for its sheer concentration of restaurants and cafes, downtown is certainly a good place to begin your search for Johnson City Restaurants.

Where Can I get a List of Restaurants in Johnson City TN?

Whether you’re a guesthouse owner, sales representative, market researcher, or are just in search of somewhere new and interesting to dine in Johnson City, finding a complete and up-to-date list of restaurants in Johnson City might be something of a chore – unless you start your search here.

Best of all, you receive your list of Johnson City restaurants in Excel format – and the information includes website addresses, street addresses, and the type of cuisine served. So, if you’re looking for a market for your gourmet sauces, fresh produce, or catering supplies, it’s just a matter of sorting the list according to area or cuisine and your list of prospects will be complete.

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