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Grow your restaurant supply business with an accurate and targeted List of Restaurant Email Addresses

restaurant email list
restaurant email list

A Carefully Curated Restaurant Email List

Designed to Grow Your Hospitality Supplier Business!


Gain real customers and build your restaurant supply business and hospitality supply business using a genuine email marketing list. There are thousands of restaurants product suppliers – all competing for the same business but you can make sure you’re one step ahead. 

We have access to hundreds of thousands of restaurants, needing supplies such as cutlery, crockery, POS devices, cleaning equipment, tableware, machinery, chef clothing, waiter and waitress clothing and so much more.

For Suppliers to the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

We have years of experience working with restaurant and café owner suppliers, as well as those businesses in the hospitality sector.  Our company has the right tools to deliver a high quality restaurant email marketing mailing list, just what you need to take your business to the next level of success.

Building your own restaurant email database list is time-consuming and challenging.  People move on quickly, contact information is often unreliable and it’s tedious collecting the information from so many different sources.  Our teams are all really experienced in what they do. They know where to find information; everything is carefully checked so we guarantee that you’ll get up-to-date, authentic contact information and that your restaurant email database is super-easy to download.

Easy to Use and Quick to Download

Our restaurant database is easy to use too and works with all computer systems.  It’s instantly downloadable and gives you a detailed list of genuine restaurant leads, including their names, telephone numbers and email addresses.  We are so confident in our restaurant email marketing list, that we guarantee it is 95% correct.  If you have more than 5% of emails that bounce back, we’ll rectify that amount and give you credits.  When you need a high quality email address list for the restaurant industry, you need Leads Deposit.  Our customizable restaurant customer database is the most credible list in the USA. 

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Attract the Right Restaurant and Hospitality Businesses in Your Target Area

restaurant mailing list

The most attractive restaurant owners and hospitality businesses are those in your local and surrounding areas.  However, honing in on those businesses isn’t easy.  We give you access to restaurant owners waiting for your business.  We can also provide leads in the surrounding areas or nationally too.  We already know who your audience is – isn’t it time you got to know them too?

Our team work tirelessly researching your industry and the suppliers that service your area.  We know how to analyse and capture accurate information – that means we get you restaurants in your area that are ready to use your business – sounds too good to be true? That means you can market your product area to the right customers.  Whether you supply point of sale, tableware, crockery, cutlery, cleaning equipment, bar equipment, coffee machines and more, our restaurant list is the right one for you.   

We’ll supply you the contact information so you can drive those customers through your doors.  Don’t waste time trying to find restaurant and hospitality customers – we’ve got them and we’ll get them to you once you download our restaurant database.  Remember, your email campaign is only as good as the information in it, don’t use anyone else, Leads Deposit has guaranteed genuine customers ready and waiting for your products.

Get Your Restaurant Email List Instantly Downloaded – Choose Your Filters

Our lists are easy to access, and you can customize them to your exact needs.  Simply select the filters that you want with the click of a button and your email address list will appear.  Highlight what you want and then our list does the rest.  It’s what we call intelligent marketing for restaurant and hospitality suppliers!

Potential, Genuine Customers in Seconds!

You want your business to supply as many restaurant, café, coffee shop and hospitality owners as possible.

Finding those customers is hard, especially when there’s a lot of competition out there.  If you want to seek out customers but you’re not sure where to find them, you’ve come to the right place.  Not only are our restaurant email lists genuine, they’re also affordable too.  We promise you guaranteed results with full contact information, once you have that information, it’s free for you to use as you wish.  Send out that fantastic email marketing campaign targeting restaurants and hospitality owners – get straight through to the right person, in the right position.  No more holding for someone to take your call or promises of call backs or emails arriving at the wrong inbox.  It’s easy with Leads Deposit, when you use us, you know your email or phone call gets to the right person in the right department, fast.

We Don’t Rest Unless Our Restaurant Mailing List is Accurate!

You can feel really confident with Leads Deposit.  We spend our time checking, updating and maintaining our lists so you know they’re accurate.  That means up-to-date real-time data and the potential of brand new restaurant customer leads as they come in.  We’ve already told you we guarantee 95% accuracy, that promise stands, every time you download a list.  If you receive more than 5% bounce-back, we’ll give you credits to make up the discrepancies. 

Why not see what a restaurant email database looks like?  Click here to view; it’s comprehensive, easy to use and easy to read.

The Benefits of a Quality Restaurant Email Database List

There are so many advantages in having your very own restaurant email database, we’re sure you already know what many of them are, but here are a few others….

  • We’re the top restaurant database company in the USA. Our business spans local restaurants and national restaurants, how’s that for confidence?
  • Our lists arrive in an easy-to-use excel spreadsheet or choose CVS or.txt – we want it to be as convenient as possible
  • Simple download via an easily accessible link
  • Build new relationships, and gain more customers for real success!
  • We’re affordable, you won’t find another company as good or with as great a pricing system! If you do, let us know and we’ll beat it
  • One-off fee, no contracts so no obligation
  • Our email database lists for restaurants are proven marketing tools
  • Once you download your list, it’s yours exclusively and no one else can access that list without your permission
  • Filter your list to match your exact requirements

What Your Restaurant Email Marketing List Contains:

Here’s what your up-to-date restaurant mailing list contains genuine:

  • Restaurant names
  • Restaurant email addresses
  • Restaurant phone numbers
  • Restaurant mailing addresses

In your area, the surrounding area or if you want to go further – we can do that for you too!  You filter your email marketing list to your exact requirements.  Are you ready to purchase your restaurant database list?  Click here and download yours now.

How to Use Your Email Marketing List to Grow Your Restaurant Supply Business

restaurant email database

Once you have your restaurant database set up, you might like to hear our tips on how to use it to maximize on your success.  We know that email marketing often works better than using social media to reach your customers, it also generates great ROI.  Consider offering deals, customers simply love a good deal and that’s how you can use your new email marketing list. We are marketers, with years of experience in working with quality leads, here’s what we recommend you do with your new, accurate restaurant email list:

  • Create a Great Offer

You’ve got your email list – you want customers to buy their restaurant supplies from you so offer them a coupon!  How about 15% off their first order?  Or maybe buy a set and get something extra for free. There are lots of ideas to get customers to use your service, choose one or two special offers a month.

  • Loyalty Counts!

Every time you get a new customer through the door, give them a loyalty card when they order from you.  When you’ve built up your relationship, perks and special offers for loyal customers help to really cement your partnership.  Perhaps free delivery or same day/next day delivery?  Maybe provide exclusive access to new ranges or discounted machinery to help their business run smoothly?  Building a successful business relationship relies on loyalty and making sure your offering is better than a competitors.  Do your research, see what other suppliers offer and match it – even better, make yours an offer no one can resist!  Limited time offers are excellent – they let your customer know they’re really getting an exclusive deal.

  • Don’t Spam Your Potential Customers!

Remember, while email is a valuable marketing tool, too much can put people off so select your information carefully and don’t overdo it!  A once a week email is more than enough.  Email interesting information such as special offers, new catering product options, new ranges, upgraded equipment and don’t forget to shout about your brand.  Send out information when you’ve been in the news, that all makes you unforgettable!

  • Run a Competition

One way to gain interest is run a competition to win something worthwhile – then offer every one of your customers who entered a 10% off their next bulk order, so they shop with you and don’t go elsewhere.

  • Make Sure Your Email Opener is Personal

One of the ways to get people to open an email is to make it personal.  Use your recipient’s name; make it different to other emails.  Look at what your competitors do and if they do it well, you can replicate it (don’t be too similar).  Really take care to think about how you write your emails and what content you use. 

  • Price Match or Beat your Competitors

Every restaurant owner loves a deal so don’t price yourself out of the market.  Comparatively shop around and see what your competitors offer.  Undercut them where you can and shout about it to your restaurant customers.  Always promise a price match if you ever appear more expensive, you want your customers to stay with you so make it worth their while.

Now let’s ramp up your restaurant supply business revenue! Are you ready to purchase your own accurate restaurant email list? 

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