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People seeking one-stop shopping know that Costco is the place to go. Whether they want to book a holiday, pick up meds or stock up grocery cupboards at low prices, the chain has what it takes.

All they need to take advantage of great deals is their Costco membership – and that membership has become so popular that Costco is now the third-biggest retail chain in the world.

There has certainly been enough time for the company to grow into a giant. If we trace Costco’s history back through its various permutations, the company has been around since 1976, but it began trading under its current name in 1983.

How Many Costco’s in the United States in 2024?

According to the Costco website (March 2024), there are 604 Costco warehouses in the USA distributed across 47 States and Puerto Rico.  The rest of Costco’s warehouses are spread across Canada, Mexico, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Iceland, Australia, France, China and Spain. Even New Zealand and Sweden aren’t strangers to Costco – each of the countries has one Costco warehouse.

There are 38 Costco warehouses in Texas and 33 warehouses in the state of Washington where Costco maintains its headquarters. California, the state where Costco first opened its doors, likewise has 136 Costco outlets, and it would be safe to say that wherever there are bargain hunters, Costco won’t be very far away.

How many Costco warehouses by state?

Curious about Costco’s footprint across the U.S.? Let’s explore the number of warehouses in each state, revealing the retail giant’s strategic reach and influence.

Number of Costco warehouses in the United States in March 2024, by state:

Number of Costco warehouses in the United States in February 2024, by state

Map of Costco locations by state

Here’s the table of Costco number of warehouses by state:

StateNumber of Warehouses
District of Columbia1
New Hampshire1
New Jersey21
New Mexico3
New York19
North Carolina10
North Dakota2
Puerto Rico5
Rhode Island 
South Carolina6
South Dakota1
West Virginia 

Which states have no Costco?

COSTCO has made its way into nearly every US state. They operate in 47 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. The only states without a Costco are Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Which state has the most Costco stores?

According to the Costco store locator, the state that has the most Costco stores is California, with 136 locations.

New Costco Locations Coming Soon

  • Daytona, FL – February 2024
  • Natomas, CA – March 2024
  • Loomis, CA – April 2024
  • North Port, FL – May 2024
  • Mt. Juliet, TN – May 2024
  • Zaragoza, ES – May 2024
  • Richmond, TX – June 2024
  • Riverbank, CA – June 2024
  • Jiangning, CHN – June 2024

Where can I get a List of Costco Locations?

Market researchers and businesses look to Costco as retail leaders. But finding a complete list of Costco warehouses, that’s not only 100 percent up to date, but that also includes other data such as phone numbers and GPS coordinates can be harder than you think.

That’s where we come in. We watch big businesses and chains for all the latest developments, and we maintain up-to-the-minute databases in Excel format. That means you can do what you like with the data. Get your complete list of Costco warehouses, sort it according to any criterion, add your own comments and info at will, and share it with colleagues or associates.

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Full List of Costco warehouses [February 2024 updated]

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The Map of Costco Warehouses in the United States

map of all Costco stores in the United States

More Costco Stats

Number Costco of warehouses in the World:876
Areas of operation:604 locations in the United States & Puerto Rico
108 locations in Canada
29 locations in the United Kingdom
14 locations in Taiwan
18 locations in Korea
33 locations in Japan
15 locations in Australia
40 locations in Mexico
4 locations in Spain
1 location in Iceland
2 locations in France
6 locations in China
1 location in New Zealand
1 location in Sweden
Membership Data129.5 million cardholders
72 million household
Warehouse sizes:80,000 to 230,000 square feet
(average 147,000 square feet)
Annual revenues$237.7 billion
Number of U.S. employees:206,000
Number of employees (worldwide):316,000

People also ask

What time does Costco open?

Most Costco stores open 10:00AM on weekdays, 9:30AM on Saturdays and 10:00AM on Sundays. Please check the table above for the exact opening hours of your Costco store.

What time does Costco close?

Most Costco stores close 8:30PM on weekdays, 6:00PM on Saturdays and 10:00AM on Sundays. Please see the table above for the exact closing hours of your Costco store.

Is Costco open July 4th?

No. All Costco warehouses are closed on Independence Day 2024.

Is Costco open Memorial Day 2024?

No. All Costco warehouses are closed on Memorial Day.

Is Costco open Labor Day 2024?

No. All Costco warehouses are closed on Labor Day.

Does Costco have distribution centers?

Yes, Costco Wholesale Corporation operates distribution centers as part of its supply chain operations. Distribution centers are a crucial component of Costco’s business model, as they play a vital role in efficiently managing the flow of merchandise from suppliers to Costco warehouse stores.

Does Iowa have a Costco?

Yes, Iowa has four Costco warehouse locations.

Does KY have a Costco?

Yes, KY has four Costco warehouses.

Does Mississippi have a Costco?

Yes, Mississippi has one Costco.

Does Missouri have a Costco?

Yes, Missouri has 8 Costco stores.

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